Redbooth 101: Let’s Talk About Email

Project management made easy, thanks to Redbooth and your existing email account

Email Alternatives

When it comes to project management and tracking, we know that endless streams of email in your inbox every day bog down your time (and hurt your brain). We know that less email is better.

Redbooth interacts with your email account in an efficient, streamlined manner that ultimately saves you time and energy by:

  • reducing the volume of email while increasing relevancy, making it easier to stay connected and up-to-date on specific activities without having to sort through random and unrelated notices.
  • bundling notifications, which means you’ll receive one email for multiple actions happening at the same time.
  • sorting updates by relevancy, so you’ll receive a notice on any actions that concern you directly.

You’ll also realize particular benefits in the areas of project management, simplified notifications, subject line prefixes and task descriptions.

Project Management

A significant amount of our to-do’s come initially via email. And inevitably, some of these emails can get lost in the abyss of our inbox.

Our goal is to make project management easy and convenient through your email account. Take a look at what you can do:

  • Forward your emails to create new tasks.
  • Notify users with emails about new tasks and comments.
  • Reply via email to notifications to post an answer.
  • Reassign or resolve tasks via email.
  • Create new conversations or tasks via email.
  • Receive daily activity digests for activity in your projects.

Simplified Email Notifications

Email notifications are an important way to stay informed when it comes to team and individual activities. For instance, you will receive an email notification when:

  • A task is assigned to you or reassigned from you to another user.
  • There’s a change to the task’s status or due date.
  • A comment is added or someone mentions you. This works the same way for conversations.
  • If you are following a task, you’ll receive a notification when:
  • There’s a change to the task’s status or due date.
  • A comment is added or someone mentions you. This works the same way for conversations.

Clear and Consistent Email Subjects

Thanks to our email notification prefixes, it’s easy to identify the context of these emails when you scan through your inbox. These prefixes precede the subject line, allowing you to focus on the task or conversation. They include:

  • Your task – to show you that a task has been assigned to you
  • Resolved, Rejected, Held or Re-opened – to show you any changes to task status
  • Mentioned – when another user comments and @mentions you on a task/conversation
  • All Mentioned – when another user comments and mentions @all , every user who has the ability to view this task/conversation will be notified via email.

Task Description and Subtasks Added to Email Content

Task descriptions and subtasks are now included in the email body and will always be present for greater context. You’ll also be able to see the history of comments to that task or conversation.
The most recent comment will appear at the top of the notifications email, while the history will appear greyed out. The task title, task description and subtasks will appear at the bottom of the email to make sure you are aware of all updates in a task.

Help Us Improve

We’ve worked hard to make sure that your email accounts work in concert with Redbooth, allowing you to be more productive and manage your projects with ease. So tell us, is it working? Do you like your email notifications and subject lines? And is there anything we can do to improve your email experience? We really appreciate your feedback, so let us know right here!