Dropbox Buys Mailbox: Applauding Those Fighting the InBox Deluge

Is your head spinning yet?

Teambox is not a big fan of email. There is a time and place. But, 168 million emails every minute (mostly spam) is out of hand! We are passionate about helping you keep your mailbox empty. In fact, we believe that unless we solve the email problem, productivity is out the window.

We spend more time reading and responding to emails than we do on the things that really need to get done.

So, we applaud those who have our same passion in helping you get things done.

If you’ve kept up with any tech news lately, you’ve likely heard about Dropbox buying Mailbox, an application which helps you filter out all those unimportant emails.

We can’t be more excited. We’ve been partnering with Dropbox for years in order to help our users leverage the file sharing power it provides.

By partnering with Dropbox and many others (i.e. Google Drive, Box, etc.), we are able to bring powerful collaboration to stored files so that you don’t have to rely on a barrage of emails to get something done.

There has been little innovation over the past 30 years as it relates to email. 2013 just might be the year where the deluge of email actually lessens.

We know that is our goal!

Cheers to both Dropbox and Mailbox for their recent merger. We know that there are better things to come from these two innovators.

Looking ahead, we predict companies who are adopters of collaboration suites will have less email and get much more done!