How to Leverage Twitter Tools for Better Productivity

In the realm of social media, Twitter continues to be one of the most authoritative platforms of 2016.

Over 307 million people are active on Twitter, with 135,000 new users per day. More than 350,000 tweets are sent out per minute. Do the math: It doesn’t matter if you are a reigning celebrity or an entrepreneur with the next best start-up; tweeting is one of the best ways to grow your brand.

With all of the tweets in the world, however, comes a great deal of noise and spam. In order to rise above the majority of users, you have to be smart about how you use Twitter. With mastery of the social media outlet’s functions and the proper tools, you’ll learn how to make Twitter work for you.

Discover how to leverage your Twitter tools for better productivity.

1. Crowdfire

When it comes to building a successful Twitter account, you first need an active audience. Crowdfire not only gives you a visual of who is following you and who is not, but it also allows you to see who hasn’t been active on Twitter or those who have recently unfollowed you. Other benefits are searching who is physically near you, copying competitors’ followers, and observing interactions between you and your followers.

2. RiteTag

Each of those 140 characters matters. When you tweet, it has to be well thought-out. Normally, you’ll feature an intriguing hook, a link and/or photo, as well as hashtags on carefully selected words. Search RiteTag to find out what hashtag is likely to produce the best visibility within your demographic.


How can you learn how to speak to your audience if you don’t know who they are? Via, you’ll discover not only who “high-value” members are, and those interacting (liking, responding to, retweeting) the most with your tweets, but also the tweets that are suggested for you to share. This is essential for building a quality, engaging audience.

4. Buffer

Your audience may be more likely to be online at certain times of the day. Buffer will suggest when you should post, and allow you to schedule your future tweets accordingly. In addition, it will simplify adding a visual to your post by automatically showing your link’s photos. What’s even better? You can schedule the same post more than once, saving you valuable time and getting you more exposure whether you are awake or not.

5. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is another essential scheduling tool. It also gives you a side-by-side visual of what your followers are posting, tweets you’ve sent out, likes and retweets of those posts, scheduled tweets, and more. It’s a quick and easy way to manage everything going on in the massive world of Twitter, in real time.

6. ManageFlitter

As time goes on, you will need to keep up not only with your audience but those you follow as well. Some will drop out of the game, others will turn out to be relentless spammers, and not everyone will be as influential as you’d hoped them to be. ManageFlitter is an excellent way to keep your feed clean and high quality, increasing your overall relevance.

There are hundreds of social media tools in existence, and it can be difficult to filter through them. The six explained above are essential to increase your productivity, simplifying Twitter’s labyrinth of information, and helping you use the platform to your highest potential.

Do you have any productivity-boosting Twitter tools to recommend? Share them in the comments below!