How to Update Your Marketing Strategy with Snapchat

Interested in learning how to use Snapchat to connect with your target audience?

If so, you’re in good company. Since over 100 million daily active users are on Snapchat, tons of businesses are using the unique social media app for marketing.

But maybe you’ve never used Snapchat before, and you aren’t sure where to start. If that’s the case, keep reading, and you’ll learn several easy ways to add Snapchat to your social media marketing mix.

Give your audience sneak peeks of new products

If you’re releasing a new product soon, use your Snapchat story to show it off to your following. This is an easy but effective way to build anticipation for your product release date.

A word of warning: make sure you aren’t being too pushy. To use Snapchat successfully, you have to show off your personality and make people feel like they’re you’re a friend that they can trust – not a sleazy salesperson.

Share exclusive promo codes

If you want to build a bigger, more loyal following on Snapchat, you’ve got to give people a reason to come back for more of your content.

And you can easily do that by sharing exclusive promo codes.

Use your other social media accounts to share your Snapchat username and let your audience know that you regularly share exclusive promo codes on Snapchat. Everybody loves a good discount, so you should see your connections grow quickly if you do this right.

Then, all you’ve got to do is share your promo codes to your Snapchat story on occasion – it’s that simple.

Show your audience a “behind-the-scenes” look

Using Snapchat to show your audience what goes on behind the scenes at your business is a great way to humanize your brand. For example, you could show:

  • Your production process
  • Fun employee spotlight interviews
  • Office tours

Don’t limit yourself to these options, though – think about what your target audience would be most interested in seeing, and post that to your Snapchat story.

Partner with influencers to expand your reach

If you’re active on Instagram, you might have paid an Instagram influencer at some point to advertise one of your products on their feed. They get to make money, and you get more eyes on your product, so it’s a win for everyone.

You can use a similar strategy to expand your reach on Snapchat. First, find a Snapchat user who has a big following. Then, reach out to them to see if they’d like to collaborate.

One collaboration option is to have them take over your company Snapchat account for a day. They’ll tell their audience to add your business on Snapchat to see the takeover, and you’ll grow your following as a result.

Regardless of how you decide to collaborate, make sure the Snapchat influencer you work with has an engaged audience full of people in your target demographic. Otherwise, you might get some initial attention, but you won’t build long-term connections with potential customers.

Interact with your audience by asking questions

If you want to improve your relationship with your target audience, this is a great way to do it. All you’ve got to do is take a snap where you mention that you’re doing a live Q&A session, post the snap to your story, and wait for the questions to pour in. Then, answer away!

The key to making this work is to keep the questions lighthearted. Snapchat users are mostly millennials looking to connect with friends and brands in a fun way, so save the more serious stuff for LinkedIn.

How does your business use Snapchat for marketing? Share in the comments below!