The Only 4 Tools You Need for Next-Level Content Creation

You know that feeling you get right after you’re done writing something you’ve poured lots of time and effort into?

At first, you breathe a sigh of relief – you’re just glad that you got it done. But right after that, you start to wonder…

Is what I’ve written really something I can be proud to publish?

Even the best writers second guess their abilities this way sometimes. But whether you’re worried about grammar, word usage, or something else, there are plenty of apps available to help you overcome anything that’s stopping you from publishing your work.


Grammarly is a proofreading app, and you can add it to your Google Chrome browser for free.

The Only 4 Tools You’ll Need to Take Your Writing to the Next Level

Now, I know what you might be thinking:

Proofreading? I already use Microsoft Word for that!

But Grammarly can fix over 250 types of errors, most of which would go undetected in Microsoft Word. Plus, Grammarly doesn’t just proofread your documents for you – when you install it in your Chrome browser, it proofreads emails, form fields, social media updates, and pretty much anything else you type.

And with Grammarly, you get an explanation of why your grammar is incorrect. That way, you learn how to avoid mistakes in the future.

Hemingway App

If you have a bad habit of using unnecessarily complex language when you write, Hemingway App is for you. It analyzes your writing to identify removable adverbs, phrases that could be simplified, sentences that are too difficult to read, use of passive voice, and more.

The Only 4 Tools You’ll Need to Take Your Writing to the Next Level

Hemingway App also tells you what grade level you’ve written at, which is helpful since the most persuasive online content is written at a 6th or 7th-grade reading level. So, using this app is a great way to make sure you’re writing strong, concise sentences that are easy for the reader to understand.

OneLook Dictionary

Don’t be fooled by OneLook Dictionary’s simple interface. It’s probably the best brainstorming app you’ll ever use, especially if you’re feeling stuck while writing because you can’t find the right word to use.


The Only 4 Tools You’ll Need to Take Your Writing to the Next LevelWhether you need to explore concepts based on a word or phrase, find the perfect adjective, find phrases that contain a specific word, or simply look up a definition, OneLook Dictionary can do it all (and more). So, go ahead and add it to your bookmarks – you’ll thank me later.


Ever had a really good idea that you soon forgot because you couldn’t write it down quickly enough? Evernote solves that problem – download it on your computer and smartphone, and you’ll always have a virtual notebook at your fingertips.

The Only 4 Tools You’ll Need to Take Your Writing to the Next Level


It also lets you create different notebooks so you can stay organized, easily write outlines for blog posts and articles, and scan in handwritten notes. You can even use Evernote’s Web Clipper, a Chrome extension that allows you to clip web pages as you browse, to create a library of web pages to reference when you’re writing something that requires lots of research.

Every writer makes mistakes and faces writer’s block sometimes, but armed with these 4 apps, you’ll be able to overcome any barriers to your success as a writer.

What other apps do you use to improve your writing? Share your favorites in the comments section below!