Online Collaboration and Project Management for Marketing and Creative Agencies

Bring sleek, intuitive project management and collaboration to your agency. Streamline your workflow, track tasks effortlessly, and centralize your communications.

Adaptable and Flexible

Easily adapt your current agency project management processes to Redbooth. Link directly to your documents, from design files to budget spreadsheets. Thanks to integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box, you’ll always have the latest versions.

Intuitive Task Management

Know who’s working on what — and when their deadlines are coming up. In Redbooth it’s easy to assign tasks to people and track their progress. Create and reuse task list templates to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

One Place for Communications

Free up your inbox and keep project discussions where they belong: with your projects! With built-in conversations, chat, and HD video conferencing, you can stay seamlessly connected to clients, vendors, freelancers, and team members.

Customer Love

It Has Made Us All More Productive

“We onboard new clients to Redbooth so that they have visibility to the project activity and can access files easily and securely — it has made us all more productive. When pitching prospective clients, we always show them Redbooth. It has definitely given us a competitive edge and helped us win new business.”
Lizabeth Converse
Managing Partner
White Pine Consulting Group

Redbooth Makes It Easy

“Managing a remote team with lots of projects is difficult. Redbooth makes it easy. Our staff meetings go faster when we all know what's getting done. We need fewer check-in calls, which means more time to get things done. We wouldn't be able to accomplish nearly as much without Redbooth to streamline our project management. I highly recommend it to all my colleagues.”
Julie Arsenault
VP of Marketing

A Flexible, Powerful Tool

“Working with a team of creatives, everyone has their own style of getting things done. Redbooth is a flexible, powerful tool that allows each of my colleagues to use it to maximize their own productivity. It helps that it's very pretty, too!”
Leila Nathaniel
Project Manager
Horse & Cart Agency

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