Financial Services

Choose the Collaboration and Project Management Solution That Prioritizes Data Security and Regulatory Compliance

Protect your data. Ensure transparency and increase accountability. Locate crucial confidential documents in seconds. Delegate with total confidence. Connect effortlessly with colleagues and clients.

Find out why financial services firms, investment firms, and banks are turning to Redbooth for secure collaboration, task management, and real-time communication.

Get all of the features you need to hit the ground running

Add full collaboration capabilities to your existing Box environment

Redbooth integrates seamlessly with Box, so it’s always easy to access the most recent versions of key documents. Effortlessly capture dialogue, questions, and comments relating to your documents as well.

Get the most out of your existing infrastructure

Already using Sharepoint? Leverage your investment and add in Redbooth’s agile collaboration capabilities. Redbooth plays well with Sharepoint documents and content and gives you a streamlined and efficient playing field.

Bulldoze your email inbox

Turn any Outlook email into an actionable, trackable task with Redbooth’s easy-to-use plugin. Bring a new layer of accountability to everyone on your team.

Leverage your identity and access management systems

Get secure access to your content with SAML/LDAP, Active Directory, and other leading identity providers. Redbooth partners with Okta to provide you with a seamless experience for customers and employees while offering enterprise-grade security, audit capabilities, and identity management.

Track, quantify, and streamline

See the status of any project, initiative or task within your team or company in seconds. Eliminate unnecessary team meetings and lengthy status reports. Make your 1-to-1 meetings more efficient and hold your team accountable with Redbooth progress reports.

It’s your choice: Use Redbooth in the cloud or behind your firewall

Experience high-level security in the cloud

If you choose the cloud solution, rest easy with Redbooth’s highly secure, PCI DSS Level 1, SOC 1, 2, and 3, and ISO 27001 certified data centers. Redbooth servers and data are monitored 24x7 for up time, availability, and intrusion detection.

Install Redbooth behind your firewall

If you choose Redbooth Private Cloud, run Redbooth locally on your virtual machine and manage everything behind your own firewall. Adhere to your data privacy, compliance, and security policies. Setup is easy: it takes most IT managers one to two hours.


Improve productivity significantly across your company

Ensure greater alignment, transparency and visibility into team activity

Consolidate global communications

Easily access all files, data and team knowledge

Reduce unnecessary email traffic by 30–40%

Leverage existing infrastructure and technology investments

Financial companies are using Redbooth to

  • Connect senior leadership across wide geographic areas

  • Decrease the total number of hours spent in meetings

  • Prevent key details from falling through the cracks

  • Increase accountability for team members

  • Accelerate internal processes by up to 50%

What our customers are saying

I want to know where my data resides. That was the number one thing that led me to Redbooth. And Redbooth focuses on collaboration. People like using it and it's good for the bottom line.
Johnny Cox
IT Manager, 1st Franklin Financial
Redbooth has become one of the most powerful tools in our team to control workload and time spent on tasks.
Boris Nikolayenko
Partner, Whitecliff Investment Management
We evaluated over 20 business collaboration tools and found Redbooth to be the most intuitive and comprehensive platform available. It goes beyond a 'tool’, bringing together all of the business applications we use in one location and allows us to get more done with better accuracy and efficiency.
Jason Gombos
Sharepoint Admin, Kelly Services