The quick start guide below will take you through all the necessary steps to start accessing your own Redbooth account through the API. Within a few easy steps, you will be able build your own apps on top of this amazing collaboration platform, integrate it with other services and reach the best performance for you and your team..

Quick-Start Guide

Getting started with Redbooth’s API?  Follow the steps and start enjoying our platform…

1. First step: Sign up

In order to get a developer account, just create a trial account and start using it!

  Sign Up

Sign up here.

2. Second step: Register

Register your app and get the Client id and Client Secret that will give you access to the Platform.

  Register your app

Register your app here.

3. Third step: Authorize

Go through the Oauth2 authentication process and get the token that will open your door to the API.


Check our authentication guide.

4. Fourth step: Use

Find out more about Redbooth’s APIs and discover the infinite opportunities of this Platform.

We recommend you to start using the interactive console of the Developer Portal and getting familiar with the different endpoints of the API with the documentation. Here’s an interesting read to start consuming the API using curl: 9 uses for cURL worth knowing.