The Ultimate Growth Hacking Sourcebook Part 2


The Ultimate Growth Hacking Sourcebook Part 2


  • Make sharing easier with an upvote website widget
  • Crafting awesome outreach emails to influencers
  • Free plan for bloggers
  • Targeting influencers using Followerwonk, Klout or Brand24
  • The Samuel L Jackson email hack
  • Send email to users who haven’t referred a user
  • Automated email about connecting on LinkedIn (WordStream example)
  • Linkedin referral hacks
  • Using AddThis to customize sharing buttons
  • Create an ‘Invite a Friend’ Thank You page
  • Optimize invitee onboarding
  • Make multiple ‘Asks’ for referrals
  • Explain your referral program
  • Springsled gamified referral emails
  • Show a dancing cat


  • Curating relevant custom deals and discounts for your email subscribers
  • Collaborate with users on product development
  • Customize customer content using ORBTR
  • Establish ‘Success Milestones’ with customers
  • ‘Cause a Problem’ to reach out to customers
  • Start your own social network with Spot.IM
  • Use retargeting to provide individual on-boarding by founder
  • Winning back customers by implementing features they asked for
  • Use to measure NPS
  • Announcing new product features
  • Notifying users of bugs that have been fixed without their reporting this
  • Use Craigslist to recruit usability testing participants
  • Use problems to build additional loyalty
  • Set up automatic feedback ‘Check Ins’ at fixed intervals
  • ‘Socialize’ your app experience