Employee Offboarding

HR And Recruiting

Employee Offboarding

Preparing the Exit

  • Submit written letter to manager
  • Send offboarding checklist to departing staff
  • Submit job termination request
  • Outstanding expenses / advances
  • Submit exit survey
  • Review benefits information

Staff Members Leaving the Organization

  • Return any files to company
  • Return company equipment
  • Return any software received
  • Hand over keys/access card


  • Exit interview
  • Remove employees internal phone number
  • Remove from Redbooth organization
  • Clean tasks in Redbooth and reassign
  • Organize farewell diner/lunch
  • Terminate payroll / send final pay check
  • Sign separation agreement
  • Confirm date of last day at company
  • Collect company owned hardware

IT Team

  • Delete email address(es)
  • Revoke access to all applications
  • Remove from website
  • Remove VPN account
  • ESOP cleanup
  • Collect office keys / access card