Change Management Plan


Change Management Plan

Identify the Change

  • Describe the type of change
  • Describe the reason for the change
  • Scope the change
  • Describe the current state
  • Describe the future
  • Identify the 5 concept shifts required for this change
  • Check organizational change readiness

Particulars of the change

  • Roadmap
  • Process change
  • People change
  • Information sharing
  • Cost of change
  • Risk assessment

Change Approach

  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Resistance to change
  • Role of change management

Implementation strategies

  • Action plan
  • Communication plan
  • Training plan
  • Business systems plan
  • Resistance plan

Implementations Package Development

  • Write and review policies
  • Write and review procedures manual
  • Install communication plan
  • Finalize communications materials
  • Identify process owner
  • Review training plan
  • Review training materials
  • Address and check off reporting plan
  • Address and check off KPIs
  • Review plan for ongoing feedback and monitoring
  • Address and check off organizational readiness assessment
  • Address and check off audit checklist

Review Change Strategy