Post-mortem Analysis

Project Management

Post-mortem Analysis


  • Project Plan: What's missing? What areas are vague?
  • Resources: have we measured and allocated team members, budget, and tools accurately?
  • Timing: Are deadlines realistic and tied to specific goals? Is there room for unexpected delays?
  • Tasks: Are all necessary tasks planned, with dependencies and deliverables clearly articulated?
  • Documentation: Is our documentation system adequate?


  • Delays: How can we better manage unexpected delays?
  • Workflow: Where are the weaknesses in our workflow design?
  • People: How can we make team structure and hierarchy clear and consistent?
  • Tasks: What makes tasks difficult to execute on a day-to-day basis?
  • Management: how does management impede workflow?


  • Primary Goal: Why will (did) we miss our primary goal?
  • Secondary Goals: Why will (did) we miss our secondary goals?
  • Quality: How (will or did) our tasks fail to meet delivery standards for quaity?
  • External performance: Why is the client unhappy? What are some problems with our external performance metrics?
  • Internal performance: What are some problems with the way we measure success internally?


  • Channels: What are the drawbacks to our main methods of communicating?
  • Team: How (will or did) team members struggle with communications?
  • Managers: How (will or did) managers struggle to communicate?
  • Meetings: What's wrong with the way we hold meetings?
  • External: How do we fail in our communication with stakeholders?