Teranex 2D FAQ ??

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I Need to convert between 50 and 60Hz and vice versa in 3G. Will both units support this?

Conversions from a 3G source in one frame rate to another 3G frame rate would require the Blackmagic Design Teranex 3D.  The frame rate conversions at 3G rates require the expanded processing power available only in the Teranex 3D Processor.

On the Teranex 3D:

Any SD, HD or 3G inputs can be converted to any other SD, HD or 3G outputs regardless of format or frame rate.

On the Teranex 2D:

Any SD or HD input can be converted to any other SD, HD or 3G outputs regardless of format or frame rate.

Please refer to the Teranex manual for a full table of supported format conversions for each model.

Is 1080i60 supported – i.e. is it the same as 59.94?

Many people use the terms interchangeably, but, strictly speaking, they are not the same. Broadcasting in the USA, Canada, Japan, etc. requires frame rates at 29.97 frames/sec, or 59.94 fields/sec. 1080i60 is generally used for computer signals or some consumer devices. Teranex supports both 1080i59.94 and 1080i60.

Is there a way to delay the audio at all within the units?

To keep the audio and video in sync, we automatically delay the audio internally to match the video processing delay. If additional audio delay is needed, Teranex models can delay audio up to 1000ms/25 frames.

How much latency is there when doing a conversion? Or is this dependent on what to what is being converted?

The delay is typically 4 frames through the processor.  Audio, time code signals, etc., are also delayed to match the video processing delay.

Why do I see anomalies in certain panning speeds?

Anomalies seen in "certain panning speeds" are due to the linear interpolation algorithm that Teranex uses for frame rate conversions. The anomaly can be partially mitigated by use of the "FRC Aperture" setting in the Video>ADV menu. A setting of 0 is typically used for dramatic scenes, while a setting of 3 is used for fast motion. 

Can the Teranex 2D be used as a legalizer?

The Teranex 2D is not a legalizer. It can clip the Luma and Chroma signals, both hi and low levels, but does not offer the controls of a true legalizer.

Is the Smart Aspect Ratio feature currently functional?

The Smart aspect ratio is indeed functional; however, it is important to note that it is only available during up conversions, when the SD input format is typically 4:3 and the HD output is 16:9.

The Adjustable Aspect Ratio Feature doesn’t seem to work. Am I doing something wrong?

The Adjustable Aspect Ratio feature was introduced in the Teranex update v2.1, please download the update from http://www.blackmagicdesign.com/au/support

What is the Thunderbolt port for?

The Thunderbolt port on Teranex model enables capture and playback through Blackmagic Media Express and all supported third party applications and NLEs.

Thunderbolt is present on most 2011+ Mac computers and selected Windows machines. See this note for Windows Thunderbolt support:  Blackmagic Design Thunderbolt Products in Windows 7 & 8 64-bit 

Detailed specs can be found here: