ATEM Switchers FAQ

New Magic Australia

Will all the switchers be able to run with software only?

Yes! All of the switchers will include a software control panel.

Is there a way to record multiple streams of H.264 from the Television Studio or is it locked to program out?

The Television Studio will allow for H.264 encoding via the USB 2.0 port. The recorded stream is fixed to program out. There are 3 program out ports – 2 x SDI and 1 x HDMI plus multiview outputs. With the addition of an H.264 Pro Recorder, and a second computer, additional H.264 streams could be recorded at varying resolutions.

What are the bitrates, specs etc of the H.264 capture from the Television Studio?

The Television Studio uses the same technology as the h.264 Pro. Maximum 20 Mbps. Hardware based real time H.264 encoding supports multiple profiles for small, portable video devices through to full resolution HDTV.

How would I encode directly to H.264 on the ATEM 1 M/E Production Studio 4K or ATEM 2 M/E Production Studio 4K?

Simply add a Blackmagic Design H.264 Pro-Recorder to the SDI output feed.  In most cases the PC/Mac  running the ATEM control software will also be able to simultaneously run the H.264 (Media Express) software at the same time. 

What are the minimum computer system requirements to run the ATEM control software?

There is no processing done on the computer so the minimum requirements are fairly simple. The main requirement is that the screen be able to handle a resolution of 1366x768. Supported OS are Windows 7 & 8 64-bit and Mac OS 10.8.5 or later.

Is it possible to capture program out or clean feeds of uncompressed video?


How many channels of audio are accepted via the SDI/HDMI inputs?

2 channels per input. The latest software update allows for basic audio mixing, including mute and AFV – Audio follow video.

Can the ATEM Switchers playback videos from your PC?

No. Stills playback only. Playback of pre-recorded content can be incorporated via any Video source or with the addition of either the HyperDeck Shuttle and/or Studio. You can pre-load a .tga sequence in the media player that will playback like a video, but the time is limited by the resolution.

What is the output frame delay on the ATEM units?

In SD & HD & 4K:

Genlocked signal = A few lines

Frame synch = +1 frame

Multiviewer = +1 frame

Downconverter = +1 frame

DVE, content in the DVE will be +1 frame.

Are there TBCs on the HDMI inputs or how does that work?

Yes. There is a Frame Synchronizer on every input so the frame synch does the same thing that a TBC would do. 

Can you pair the ATEM 1 M/E Panel with an ATEM 2 Production Studio 4K switcher?

Yes you can use the 1 M/E panel with the 2 M/E switcher frame.

How many PIPs does each unit support?

ATEM Television Studio = NONE, there are no DVEs in the Television Studio

ATEM 1 M/E = 1 pip (available in the upstream keyers as a DVE)

ATEM 2 M/E = 5 pips (SuperSource* lets you do up to 4 boxes, plus 1 in the upstream keyer as a DVE)

Can the ATEM’s do internal audio mixing?

All ATEM switchers include a built-in audio mixer which allows any switcher to use embedded HDMI and SDI audio from your cameras, as well as external audio from the dedicated audio input. The audio input can be used for audio sources which might not have been embedded in a video signal, such as camera microphones and pre-recorded audio.

Can I connect a hardware controller to mix the audio?

Yes. The audio mixer control surface support allows hardware and software MIDI Control Surfaces that support "Mackie Control",  (or emulations thereof) to interface with the audio software controller on the ATEM Switchers. This allows users to mix their audio on a 3rd party audio control surface such as, for example, the Behringer BCF2000 or the Mackie Control Universal Pro.

The ATEM Television Studio has an AES/EBU audio input. How do I get analogue audio in via this input?

An analogue to digital converter is required. A cost effective solution is the Behringer ULTRAMATCH PRO SRC2496 (approx $200 AUD). You will also require an RCA male to BNC male cable

An alternative is to use the Audio to SDI Mini Converter from Blackmagic Design. Send the audio from your mixer into the Mini Converter and send the output to one of the SDI inputs on the ATEM. The source will have black video and the audio from the Mini Converter.

How can I fix audio and video sync issues with the ATEM Television Studio?

Similar to the Behringer ULTRAMATCH PRO SRC2496, the next model up is the Behringer ULTRACURVE PRO DEQ2496. This model has the same analogue to digital features as the SRC2496, as well as digital delay. This will allow you to delay the audio up to 300ms (which is 7.5 frames @ 25fps). It is available from many music and AV stores for approx $400 AUD. A 110ohm XLR to 75ohm BNC impedance transformer adapter is required

How do I get Tally working?

You will require the GPI and Tally interface device from Blackmagic Design. Your ATEM switcher can then send tally signals to monitors and cameras to make it clear which source is on the program output, i.e. which source is on air.

Tally is commonly used to light the red light on top of a camera or monitor so the talent knows they are on air. Tally can also illuminate a border on a monitor such as a Blackmagic SmartView Duo or SmartView HD.The border allows production staff to know which camera is on air.