Using Redbooth From basics to advanced, and everything in between.

Workspace Order

Once you have created workspaces and your colleagues have invited you to other ones, you may wonder what dictates the workspace order in Redbooth.

It is actually very simple. All workspaces are ordered in alphabetical order. This goes for all parts of Redbooth, whether you are looking on the drop-down menu marked Workspaces or in your organization’s settings viewing all of its workspaces. The only way you can change your workspace order is by making certain workspaces favorites.

Workspace Order and Favorites

To make a workspace a favorite, just click on the start symbol beside its name:

workspace order

The star will turn yellow, indicating it is now a favorite workspace. You will then see your favorite workspaces at the top of your drop-down list. All other workspaces are listed in alphabetical order and it isn’t possible to change this order.

workspace order

If you are a Business user, you will have your workspaces organized by organization and in alphabetical order.