Using Redbooth From basics to advanced, and everything in between.

Workspace Chat

Every workspace comes with a moveable tab to the right which shows all workspace chat and activity. This is a great way to keep updated with all of the activity in the workspace as well as chatting with colleagues in an informal manner.

Workspace Activity Updates

The tab is located on the right of all workspaces. You can click on it and enlarge it by dragging to the left. The tab never fully closes, but rather remains as a thin bar along the workspace.

Workspace Chat

  • Activity relating to newly created tasks or conversations automatically populates here.
  • You can click on the update and it will take you directly to the newly created task.
  • All users can chat or leave messages. You can use @all to get the attention of all workspace members. Alternatively, use @ and a member’s name to direct a message specifically to them.
  • If you have been mentioned, individually or by @all, a red icon will appear beside workspace tab across the top of your Redbooth screen.
  • You can also create a task from the workspace chat. Just click on the small icon that appears when you hover over the chat. A great way to quickly upgrade something to a more important state.