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Copy a Workspace

A large part of staying productive is being able to easily copy repetitive tasks or projects. With Redbooth, you can easily copy a workspace or create task list templates to keep your productivity high. Before copying a workspace, take a look below at the information that is and isn’t copied over.

Information copied over:

  • Tasks
  • Subtasks
  • Task descriptions
  • Task lists

Note: Resolved tasks and subtasks will be automatically unresolved in the new workspace.

Information not copied over but which can be added later:

  • Start and due dates
  • Assignees
  • Comments and attachments
  • Conversations
  • Workspace members

How To Copy A Workspace

  1. Enter a workspace and click on the Copy tab at the top of the screen.
  2. A pop-up menu will appear, which will allow you to change the name of the copied workspace. The copied workspace will automatically be called Copy of… and you can also choose whether to have it open or invite only.

Copy a Workspace for Repetitive Projects


  1. Click create a new workspace from the quick create button or by selecting +Add a new workspace from the Workspaces tab. Click Select a template and choose from your existing workspaces or Redbooth’s templates. Again, choose whether to have the workspace as open or invite only.
  2. Once you click save, a new pop-up menu will ask you to invite members to the workspace. Choose the members you wish to add and click continue.
  3. You can always make changes to the copied workspace by accessing the Settings icon within the workspace.

Copy a Workspace for Repetitive Projects

Note: External users cannot copy a workspace.