Using Redbooth From basics to advanced, and everything in between.

Conversations by Email

If you are a member of a workspace, you can create and reply to a conversation by email. This is a great way for communicating with your colleagues without even accessing your Redbooth account.

Create A Conversation By Email

Every workspace has an identifier located in its settings. Click on the gear icon of a workspace overview and then the Use via email tab.

Create A Conversation By Email

You can also send an attachment to the conversation but it must be less then 10MB. If it is larger, you will be notified that it was not sent.

Reply To A Conversation By Email

Enter the conversation within Redbooth and click on the dropdown menu to the right. Select the Reply by email option.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 6.02.21 PM

A new message will pop up with the email address.