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Tasks in Timeline (Gantt Chart)

Timeline view provides a great overview of the duration and composition of all the tasks and task lists within your workspace. Tasks in Timeline are color coded to indicate various task statuses, allowing you to visualize the progress of your projects at a glance.

  • Active tasks are blue.
  • Overdue tasks are red.
  • Resolved tasks are green.

Tasks in Timeline

  • Only tasks with defined start and end dates appear in Timeline.
  • Private tasks are not visible in Timeline.
  • Repeating tasks are not visible in Timeline.
  • Urgent tasks are marked by an exclamation icon in the task list.
  • Task lists are visualized by purple bars.
  • You can show or hide resolved tasks under Options.
  • Start dates and due dates can be modified by dragging the handles on either side.
  • You can create task dependencies on the timeline.

Tasks in Timeline (Gantt Chart)

Task Lists

The length of the task list bar is determined by the duration of its tasks. The shading indicates the overall progress of the task list.

To collapse or expand a task list on Timeline, click on the task list in the left menu. When the task lists are collapsed, the purple task list bar is visible, providing a high level overview of the progress and durations of the task lists.

Tasks in Timeline (Gantt Chart)


  • Active tasks

The blue task bar is partially shaded if the task has started.

  • Overdue tasks

The red task bar has darker shading to indicate number of days the task is overdue.

  • Resolved tasks

The green task bar is partially shaded if the task was overdue and shows the number of days it was overdue.

Order of Tasks on Timeline

The order of tasks on Timeline is automatically determined:

  • Task lists are ordered by the earliest task start date.
  • Tasks are ordered by the earliest start date under their respective task list.
  • Any alterations to start dates will change the order of tasks and task lists.

Create a Task

There are two ways to create a task on Timeline. You can create one via the menu on the left or you can click on the + icon that appears when you hover over Timeline.

Tasks in Timeline (Gantt Chart)

Tasks with no Start or Due Dates

These tasks do not appear on Timeline. They appear as faded if you hover over them in timeline view. You can assign them a duration by clicking on the faded icon and dragging to the desired date. If you just click once, the start and due date is automatically assigned to the corresponding date.

Start and Due Dates

You can alter the start and due date of a task on Timeline by clicking and dragging the ends of the task bar. You can also move the entire task bar by clicking and dragging from the center of the task bar.

  • Altering the duration of the earliest task in a task list may cause the task list order to automatically change.
  • For information on altering tasks with dependencies, read our guide on Creating Task Dependencies on Timeline.

Multiple Assignee Tasks on Timeline

If you have a task that has multiple assignees, it will show up on the timeline with the avatar of the principal assignee. It will also have a small green icon indicating multiple assignees. You need to click on the task to view other assignees.

Tasks in Timeline (Gantt Chart)