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Creating Task Dependencies in Timeline (Gantt Chart)

An important part of project management is the ability to have different tasks running concurrently. A lot of the time, tasks are dependent on the completion of others. This is where creating task dependencies in Timeline is useful.

Finish-To-Start Dependencies

This type of dependency means that the preceding task should finish before the following task starts – think of it as building a house before painting it.

  1. Hover over the desired task in Timeline view.
  2. Click on the orange dot that appears to the right of the task bar.
  3. Drag and drop the orange dot on the task you want to make dependent.
  4. The dependency will be represented by a black line.

Creating Task Dependencies in Timeline (Gantt Chart)

You can only create a dependent task if the start date is the same day or later. To delete a dependency, click on the dependency you would like to delete.

Note: You can only create dependencies between tasks in the same workspace. Also, if a task has a dependency, it will be shown in a separate section above the comments.