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Create a Timeline from Excel Spreadsheet (Gantt Chart)

Follow these simple steps to create a Timeline from Excel spreadsheet—it couldn’t be easier. Importing an Excel spreadsheet pulls the task list names, task descriptions, assignees, and due dates, and will automatically populate in the task and timeline view.

Create a Timeline from Excel

To begin, you need to import your Excel file into the desired workspace.

  1. Ensure that the file is an (.XLSX) file.
    If it is an (.xls) file:
    Click file > Info
    Click Convert
  2. Download the Redbooth template and format your file accordingly. You can add your data to the template file or modify the header row in your current .XLSX file to match the header rows to the Redbooth template.
  3. Upload the .XLSX file to Redbooth by clicking the Import button in your workspace and following the steps on the import wizard.

Create A Timeline From Excel Spreadsheet (Gantt Chart)

A preview will then appear. Once you approve it, the data will be imported into Redbooth.

Switch to the timeline view and all of the data will automatically be displayed with the information given in the Excel file. You can edit start and due dates and add dependencies to the data in Timeline.