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Create a Timeline from Basecamp (Gantt Chart)

We like to help you stay productive by completing tasks as quickly as possible. So, to create a Timeline from Basecamp in Redbooth, just follow these simple steps.

Create a Timeline from Basecamp

Go to the project in Basecamp that you want to import into Redbooth:

  1. Navigate to To-Dos.
  2. Click on Share and follow the option to Get a public link…
  3. On the next page, click the option See what the public page looks like.
  4. Select all the tasks and right click to copy.
  5. Go to the workspace in Redbooth where you want to create a Timeline, click on Add a task and right click to paste the copied task data.

Now switch to Timeline view and all of the data will automatically appear in gray italics until start / due dates are assigned. You can then set the assignee and start / due dates within Timeline.