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Benefits of Using Timeline (Gantt Chart)

Gantt charts are now available in Redbooth! This project management tool is the way forward for our users, and after discovering the benefits of using Timeline (Gantt chart), you will soon wonder how you lived without it.

Gantt charts have come a long way since their creation by Karol Adamiecki, a Polish engineer, back in the 1890s. They were later popularized by Henry Gantt (from which the name is derived), an American engineer and management consultant.

Fast forward to today and Gantt charts are a vital tool for project managers and teams looking for an intuitive, visual way of keeping projects on track.

Benefits of Using Timeline (Gantt Chart)

If you are thinking of using Gantt charts but still need some convincing of what they offer, here are some of the main benefits of using Timeline (Gantt charts) for you and your team.

Benefits of Using Timeline (Gantt charts)

  • Planning

Their true strength lies in improving project planning. They make complex information manageable and ensure that expectations are clear and quickly highlight any scheduling conflicts. If a project faces an unforeseen change in direction, using a Gantt chart allows for rapid changes to plans.

  • Transparency

With a Gantt chart there is nothing to hide. Each member of the organization, from the top to the bottom, has the same information at hand. Teams can easily track the project progress and detect bottlenecks. Its intuitive nature gives users a better, clearer understanding of task dependencies.

  • Clarity

Originally created as a way to streamline various tasks into one document, Gantt charts work wonderfully as a means of keeping team members up-to-date on everyone’s workload. They provide each team member with the same level of information in an intuitive and visual way.

  • Efficiency

Team members can clearly see the progress of a project, providing them insight into how best dedicate their time and effort to the task at hand. Also, by creating Gantt charts for all your projects, new team members can easily jump into a project and understand things quickly.

  • Coordination

Project managers can easily see where to best assign tasks without the fear of burdening an employee with too much work. For employees, this is a handy tool to see if they are keeping up with their workload and to coordinate their tasks better.

  • Motivation

When working on projects that span weeks or months, a Gantt chart is a fantastic method to help you see the bigger picture. Many times it is easy for staff to get bogged down when a certain part of the project drags, or when there is a lull, but by being able to visualize the end helps to drive motivation. Knowing that all of your employees are working towards the one goal is a massive relief for management.