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Manage Subtasks

When collaborating on a large task, it is common for there to be smaller tasks that are part of the process. Instead of creating lots of different tasks, you can add subtasks. These are lightweight bullet points to check off as part of your progress on a larger task.

  • Subtasks can only be created and viewed on our web platform and are not visible in the Timeline view.
  • They have a limit of 255 characters.
  • Features such as adding assignees and due dates to subtasks are exclusive to Business subscription members, except for externals.

Create Subtasks

  1. Click on the Add a subtask field in a task.
  2. Start typing and hit enter or click out of the field.
  3. You can add assignees and due dates (not durations) to the subtask.

Manage Subtasks And References

If you need to reorder subtasks, they can be dragged and dropped into a new position. Any subtask can be quickly reassigned by clicking on the assignee icon.

Note that a parent task can be marked as resolved even if all of the subtasks have not been resolved.

Manage Subtasks And References

You can resolve a subtask by clicking on the white circle to the left. Any subtask that is assigned to you will be present in your My Tasks section along with your other assigned tasks. Note that a subtask has a white circle, and a task has a white square.

Manage Subtasks And References

Promote a Subtask into a Task
Sometimes you underestimate how important a subtask will be to a task, and it warrants its own separate task. Luckily, you can easily convert a subtask into a task.

  1. Hover over a subtask. To the right, you will see an upwards arrow next to the due date.
  2. Click on the upwards arrow and it will automatically convert the subtask into a task within the same task list.
  3. The promoted subtask will then be visible in the references drop-down.

The subtask will be removed from the task list, but the original task will still be referenced at the bottom of the new task and vice versa. Promoted subtasks cannot be converted back to a subtask.