Using Redbooth From basics to advanced, and everything in between.

Comment on a Task

Commenting on a task is very easy, and comments are displayed with the most recent at the top. You can choose different ways to format your comment, so find out how below.

Format Your Comment
The comments box comes with a number of formatting options, including emojis. Redbooth uses Markdown as the language to write comments. To access the cheatsheet where you can learn how to format your comments, enter a task a click on the A button to the right of your comment box.

Comment On A Task

You can discover more emojis to use here.

Task Comment History
You have two different options when it comes to seeing trail messages and comment history in all tasks. Once you choose a history views within a task, Redbooth will apply that view to all tasks you open by default. Just click on the other option to change this.

  • Comments

This option only displays comments from you and your colleagues (including time spent). You will not see extra information such as the resolving of subtasks, etc.

Comment On A Task

  • All Activity

This option displays the entire history of activity within the task and is, therefore, a longer trail message.

Comment On A Task