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Chat Around a Task

If you would like to quickly draw a colleague’s attention to a task, you can quickly do it by sending them the task URL. This is a great way to highlight something instantly if the event that you need clarification. To chat around a task, you have two different options.

Chat Around A Task

In a task, if a user has left a comment that you want to directly follow up on, just click on their name beside the comment and select Start chat.

Chat Around A Task

The URL of that task will be shared through direct message chat automatically for context. You must click enter in the chat window to send the URL.


  1. Go to a task that you want to share with a colleague.
  2. Open a direct message chat and click on the hashtag symbol.
  3. The URL of the task will automatically populate in the chat.
  4. Your colleague must be a member of the task’s workspace in order to see it.