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Remote Employees and Contractor Management

Managing contractors and remote employees is an ever growing challenge. With companies being more global and flexible in terms of hiring, it is common to outsource resources and have employees working remotely. So, what is the key to good remote employee and contractor management? Simply put, you have to bring them closer to you and your team.

Engaging remote employees
When managing contractors and remote employees, distance is your biggest enemy. It is the number one reason why companies fail to keep remote employees and contractors. Not enough face to face meetings. Not enough small talk. The rapport is lost and so is your employee or contractor.

The key is to give them the freedom they are looking for, while keeping them close enough so as to not lose rapport and, of course, to still have that important overview of how they are performing. There are a few different ways that you can accomplish this:

  • Have one on one and team meetings regularly

Open the HD Meetings section from the top navigation menu and click Schedule a meeting. From the scheduling menu, choose a daily, weekly, or monthly option from the Repeat dropdown menu to set up a recurring meeting. Choose the appropriate external calendar to receive meeting reminders, book conference rooms, and request an RSVP from your employee or contractor.

  • Use chat to narrow the gaps

Communicate over workspace chat so that all messages are public and open to the team. Whenever someone on the team logs on, they can pick up the conversation from when they last read it. From here, anybody can create a task from chat. Hover next to the chat and click on the upward arrow button. A reference at the bottom of the task will take you back to the message in chat that the task was created from.

  • Use Reports to review tasks

Open the Reports section from the top navigation menu. Select Tasks Overview to get a clear picture of all tasks in your organization. Use Tasks By User if you want to focus on just one member.

Remote Employees And Contractor Management

Managing contractors and remote employees is so much easier with Redbooth. It allows you to have a centralized online space for your team to collaborate together and in real-time, reducing the distance between your remote employees and contractors and your team. Think of it as your online office that is always available.