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Outlook FAQ (On Premise)

Fall 2016 update: Thank you for your interest in Redbooth Private Cloud. While we continue to support current Private Cloud customers, we are no longer taking on new Private Cloud customers. Find out more about Redbooth's standard cloud security ».

What if I’m getting a “3 items do not match” error?

If you get this error, ensure you are NOT using an IP to configure the Outlook plugin. Redbooth Private Cloud needs to be configured with a domain and you need to use the domain to configure the plugin.

Why does the plugin fail to upload files?

If your plugin is not able to attach files to the tasks that you create:

Please make sure to have provided a Host URL and not an IP. If you’re using SSL Login make sure to be using a valid certificate. If you use a self-signed certificate the plugin will not work. You should purchase a CA-signed SSL certificate from a well known provider.


Why can’t I use the “On Hold” status?

The “On Hold” no longer exists in Redbooth, it will be removed from the plugin as soon as possible.


How to reactivate the plugin?

When you Force Quit the plugin it disappears from Outlook’s Dashboard. Nevertheless, as soon as you reopen Outlook you will get a message inviting you to reopen it. You can click on “Yes” and bring it back or click on “No” and then go to the Options > Add-ins section to reactivate it.


What if I get a message that says: Connectivity issues or wrong password?

This is probably due to a wrong SSL Certificate configuration. Please contact your admin and make sure to be using a correct certificate.


The plugin is very slow. Is this normal?

If your organization has a lot of projects the plugin may take more time to fetch them all and show them inside of Outlook.