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Google Authentication (On Premise)

Fall 2016 update: Thank you for your interest in Redbooth Private Cloud. While we continue to support current Private Cloud customers, we are no longer taking on new Private Cloud customers. Find out more about Redbooth's standard cloud security ».

Redbooth supports using Google as a one-click authentication provider. In addition, this provider will enable access to Google Drive API/content.

This could be activated for all users of Redbooth Private Cloud.

Follow the steps below to get a set of Google credentials:


Configuring Google OAuth2 Integration


  1. Go to Google APIs console.

  2. Create a new project.

  3. Go to the “Credentials” snap-in (on the left side).

  4. Go to “OAuth consent screen” tab and configure consent screen.

  5. Go to “Credentials” tab and create OAuth client ID (Web application).

  6. Configure the OAuth application.

  7. For “Authorized JavaScript Origins” use: http://your-domain

  8. For “Authorized Redirect URIs” add your fully qualified domain plus /auth/google_oauth2/callback, e.g.:

  9. Click on “Create”.

  10. NB! Go to “Overview\Google APIs” section and enable Drive API.

  11. Come back and use “Client ID” as Key and “Client secret” as Secret.