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Enabling Mobile Push Notifications (On Premise)

Fall 2016 update: Thank you for your interest in Redbooth Private Cloud. While we continue to support current Private Cloud customers, we are no longer taking on new Private Cloud customers. Find out more about Redbooth's standard cloud security ».

If you are using our Mobile applications you can additionally enable native push notifications to receive updates on your mobile devices.




By enabling Mobile Push Notifications please be aware that:

  • Offline chat and dashboard notifications will be transferred (securely via ssl) to Apple & Google push servers.

  • The nature of this information consists of internal database ids and short textual messages summarising the notification or chat message.

  • Push notifications require outgoing connections to the following TCP ports to be permitted:

    • For Apple iOS devices: 5223, 2195, 2196 and 443.

    • For Android devices: 5228, 5229, 5230 and 443.

If your privacy and firewall policies permit this then follow the following step to enable push notifications for both Android and iOS devices.


Enabling Native Push Notifications

Go to the “Chat & Push” section in “Configuration”. Click “Enable Push Notifications”, and the button should change to “Disable Push Notifications”. A link to “Restart Redbooth” will appear; click on it to restart the application for the changes to be applied.