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Configuring Outgoing Email (On Premise)

Fall 2016 update: Thank you for your interest in Redbooth Private Cloud. While we continue to support current Private Cloud customers, we are no longer taking on new Private Cloud customers. Find out more about Redbooth's standard cloud security ».

Redbooth Private Cloud makes extensive use of email for user notifications. You can use your own email provider or an external system to send these notifications.

You can use any provider, or your own, as long as it allows you to send email via SMTP. Any standard provider can be used for this. e.g. Sendmail, Microsoft Exchange Server, Postfix, Exim…

To configure outgoing email click “Outgoing Email” under the “Advanced Configuration” section, enter your smtp server settings detailed in the form and click on “Save”.



Once the settings have been saved correctly, a “Test outgoing email” form will appear, from where you will be able to send test emails and ensure the configuration is working.



As before, Redbooth Private Cloud needs to be restarted and you can to do so either clicking on the button “Restart Redbooth” or via the “Redbooth” option under “Services”:



Just press “Restart Redbooth” and the basic configuration will be completed.