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Okta Integration

With Redbooth, you can easily authenticate your organization’s members by using SAML. To facilitate this, we allow for organization admins to install and set up the Okta integration. Follow the steps below to set it up for your organization.

Set up the Okta Integration

  1. Open the certificate that you downloaded from Okta and copy it to the clipboard.
  2. Go to Manage my organization in Redbooth and click on the tab marked SAML.

Okta Integration

Paste the certificate and click on Save certificate. If everything goes well, you will see the fingerprint of the certificate that you just uploaded and when it was uploaded. If you enter a non-valid certificate, Redbooth will show an Error saving message.

Okta Integration

NOTE: If you manage different organizations with different users, you will need to upload the certificate in each organization’s SAML tab.

After the integration is configured, as an admin, you can provide licenses from your Redbooth subscription to members of your Okta organization. When assigning Redbooth to a member of your organization, the user will receive an invitation email and will be invited to complete his or her profile in Redbooth.

Get the SAML Certificate from Okta

  1. Go to your admin space in Okta, which is found by clicking on the Admin button in the top right. If you cannot find the button then you may not be an admin. In that case, you will need to contact the admin.

In the admin space:

  1. Go to Applications > Redbooth > SignOn and then click on View Setup Instructions.
  2. The text in the third box in the image below is the certificate that you will have to paste in Redbooth.
  3. You must also provide the IDP metadata (ignore it being marked as Optional) by copying and pasting it.