Using Redbooth From basics to advanced, and everything in between.

iOS App Overview

Redbooth is the most effective project management tool available for teams, but what about when you are out of the office? Fear not, Redbooth’s iOS app is an intuitive application that offers you great flexibility — you can even view tasks on your Apple Watch.

It allows you to manage your tasks, reach your colleagues at any time and on any device, and to also get notified of progress on any tasks that you are following.

Getting Started with the iOS App

Installing the app on your iPhone or iPad is easy. All you need to do is access the Apple Store, search for the Redbooth app, and install it for free on your device. Once installed, you can log in with the same credentials you use for the web platform.

Redbooth iOS App

After logging in, you will be given a quick tutorial of what you can do with the app. Swipe left to pass through it and access your workspaces.


All tasks are listed in date order:

  • Today (including tasks marked as urgent)
  • Due Soon
  • Far Future
  • No Due Date

Tasks which have been marked as urgent are easy to spot as they are marked with an orange Urgent box. If you have an overdue task, it will appear in the Today section and will be marked with a red box displaying the date it was due.

Redbooth iOS App

You can create new tasks by selecting the + symbol in the top right corner. You can also resolve and edit tasks from this view.


All workspaces are listed as follows:

  • Favorite workspaces at the top (in alphabetical order).
  • The rest of your workspaces listed below in alphabetical order.
  • If you are a Business customer with multiple organizations, they are also listed in alphabetical order.

You can also search for a specific workspace by selecting the search icon in the top-left.

Redbooth iOS App

When you enter a workspace, you can view tasks, conversations, and files. You can also filter tasks by selecting the filter icon in the top right.


Chat and Voice / Video Calls

All chats are listed from most to least recent. You can search for a specific chat by using the Search function or you can create a new chat by selecting the + symbol in the top right. You can also mute all chats (for 1 hour or 1 day) by selecting the gear icon that is just below the + icon, or mute individual chats from within them.

Redbooth iOS App

When you select a chat, you can communicate in real-time with that person or group, and even use emojis. You can have video calls in one-on-one and group chats – just select the video icon that appears at the top.


If you are on our Business subscription, you are able to choose between voice or video calls when in a one-on-one chat. Just select the call icon at the top:

Redbooth iOS App


You have access to all updates to workspaces and tasks that you are following. Clicking on the notification will take you directly to that task, and the amount of new notifications is indicated in a circle beside the notification tab.

Finally, you can access your settings where you can choose which notifications you want to receive by email or as push notifications. There is also a direct link to our Help Center, should you ever need assistance.

Redbooth iOS App

Things to Keep in Mind

The iOS app is designed to be a lightweight accompaniment to the desktop platform. However, a few features are not yet available on the app:


  • Collapsing task lists.
  • Multiple assignees.
  • Drag and drop.
  • Voice notes or time tracking.


  • Adding new workspaces.
  • Customizing the workspace.
  • Importing or exporting.


  • Direct linking to current page.

If there is a feature that you would like to see on the app, don’t hesitate to contact our Feedback Forum – we love to hear what you think.