Using Redbooth From basics to advanced, and everything in between.

Android App Overview

Redbooth is a fantastic platform for communication and collaboration, which is why our Android app allows you to stay just as productive when on-the-go. You can download the app from the Google Play store.

About the Android App

Using the Android app is similar to using the web platform in Redbooth, although there are certain features which are not available on the app. You log in as normal using your Redbooth credentials.

Once logged in, the first place that you see within the app is your dashboard. This displays all of your tasks that are assigned to you, and are divided by due date. The small red circle that you see can be clicked on. By doing this you can create a task in the app.

In the top left you can click on the drop-down arrow to navigate between your workspaces. To the right of this, there is the symbol showing your notifications and another showing chats. Click on either to navigate to those pages.

By clicking on the icon marked by three dots which is in the upper right corner, you can join workspaces, access your settings, and use the search feature.

Notifications in Android

Your notifications are sorted alphabetically by workspace. You can dismiss each one individually or click on the Dismiss All tab at the top to clear all notifications. You can allow push notifications by configuring your settings on the Android device.

Android App Overview

Chat in Android

On the Android app, all chats are grouped together. This is a difference between the app and the web platform, as workspace chats and direct messages are not grouped together. Any chats with updates will be marked in bold text, which make them easy to identify.

Android App Limitations

We are continually adding new features to the app, however, there are some features which are yet to be implemented:

  • You cannot create new workspaces
  • You cannot add new members
  • You cannot access the Timeline view
  • You cannot use the multiple assignee feature
  • You cannot access reporting or HD meetings