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Improving Sales Processes with Redbooth

Improving Sales processes is imperative for the success of your Sales team and business. Did you know that 67% of lost sales come from the incorrect qualification of your leads by your sales team?

Making sure that you approach your leads in the right way, at the correct stages, will making process can make or break that great deal that will put you over the top of your quota.

Using the Sales Mutual Action Plan template allows you to define a comprehensive, transparent way of converting leads into happy customers. You will be able to guide them throughout the process with greater awareness and since you know exactly at what stage they are, you are able to provide training and nurture at critical stages.

  • Let’s start improving sales processes by creating a new workspace per lead in your Redbooth. Simply click on this link and create it using the Sales Mutual Action Plan template.

The different stages of the sales process have very specific tasks, built-in to help your sales team approach the lead in the correct way, in the right moment.

Define a specific duration for tasks and task lists to know when you should take action depending on the lead’s timeline.

You can simplify the use of subtasks and transform them into checklists where you can enumerate the key problems the lead is facing to have a record of the difficulties/opportunities you’ll want to tackle. After your first call, you can also add more according to what you’ve found:

Use Redbooth’s HD Meetings feature to do a live demo of Redbooth to your lead. To do that:

First schedule a meeting with your lead and any important coworkers on his team:

When on a demo, share your screen to guide the lead through your script and Redbooth. Record it as well so you can share it with the lead:

Since improving Sales processes is a common effort, your sales agents need to collaborate with other departments in Redbooth.

Mention a coworker using the @username mention to call out his/her attention on a specific task. This will generate a Dashboard notification, updating your notification counter on the top left hand corner of your Redbooth:

You can comment on that task from your Dashboard by clicking on the notification. Or if you want to quickly grab your coworker’s attention, you can reference a task in a private chat.

Open a task, then start a chat with your coworker and hit the number key button at the bottom of your chat window. It will share a link to your current task.

When you finally convert this lead to a customer, archive your project to keep your workspaces view clean, focusing only on your active workspaces.