Using Redbooth From basics to advanced, and everything in between.

Get Started with Redbooth

When you get started with a new tool such as Redbooth, it is very easy to find yourself overwhelmed. Whether you are starting a 30 day free trial or have signed up for a paid subscription, you can find all of the necessary information here to easily get started and begin collaborating immediately.

In this article you can quickly get information on:

Get Started
Before you get started you must confirm your signup. If you cannot find the email from Redbooth, check your spam folder. Once confirmed, a welcome email will be sent to your email address.

Get Started with Redbooth

If you have forgotten your password, you can easily request a new one here.

My Profile Settings
Once you are inside your Redbooth account, there are some basic steps that you should complete. Begin by clicking on My profile settings under the tab in the top right. Here you can edit your personal information and adjust your personal account settings.

There are four different categories—My Account, Notifications, Integrations, and Subscriptions. Any changes to settings here are personal, and do not reflect changes to your organization or workspaces.

My Account

Get Started With Redbooth

In the Account settings tab you can:

  • Set a username. This is how your colleagues can mention you in tasks and conversations.
  • Set the email associated with your Redbooth account. This is very important, as it is the email that you sign into Redbooth with so always remember it.
  • Which language you would like your account to be in.
  • Set the day your week begins on, be it Sunday or Monday.
  • Confirm your timezone.

In the Profile information tab, click on the edit button and you can:

Get Started With Redbooth

  • Set your first and last names. This is how you will appear to others in Redbooth.
  • Add your phone number to facilitate voice calls in tasks.
  • Add other details such as website and social media links.

In My Account you can also add a profile picture, change your password, and delete your account. Please note that deleting your account is an irreversible action.

Get Started With Redbooth

In this section you can choose your notification settings. In the Email notifications tab you can decide what you want to receive by email, including reminders and daily digests. In the Auto-follow section you choose how you want to get notifications for updates to tasks and conversations. You can also choose to enable your desktop notifications and workspace notifications in this section.

Get Started With Redbooth

In this area you can link your integrations to your Redbooth account. Remember, these are your personal accounts, and are not to be confused with the workspace integrations.

By linking your account with different integrations, you can easily attach files directly to tasks from these sources without having to leave Redbooth. You may also link your Redbooth account with the iOS or Android app in the Third Party Apps tab.

Get Started With Redbooth

This is where you can subscribe to view your tasks in your preferred calendar or subscribe to RSS feeds. Just click on the Generate token button to continue.

Create and Join Workspaces
After completing your personal settings, the next step is to get started with workspaces.  If you have been invited to Redbooth by a colleague, you can easily join open workspaces.

  • Click on Manage my organization in the top right of the page.
  • You will then see a list of the workspaces you are a member of and those that are open to join. Just click on the Join button beside the workspaces that you want to be a part of.

You can also create a workspace easily. There are two quick options to do this:

  • Click on the Workspaces tab across the top of the screen and then click + Add a workspace.


Collaborate with Colleagues
An important part of using Redbooth is collaborating with colleagues. Adding members is easy, and very important if you are starting out alone in Redbooth. Once they have been added, you can start collaborating by creating tasks and conversations.

You can create tasks by using the same quick create button which will generate a pop-up window for you to fill in.

  • Task title is the name for the task.
  • The drop-down beside the task title is who you want to follow the task.
  • Then select the workspace and task list it will be stored.
  • Choose an assignee.
  • Choose a start and due date, and mark it as urgent if necessary.
  • You can attach files from your desktop or by using the integrations that you previously linked.