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File Preview in Tasks

A file preview is what lets you see the contents of a file without having to download it. This allows you to share files directly within a task. Anyone who is following that task can then see the file preview as they read through the comments. This helps to increase efficiency and productivity for you and your team, enabling them to see files without having to download or click on external links.

With that in mind, you can now easily attach certain files to tasks in Redbooth and have a preview appear for you and your colleagues to see.

File Preview Formats
You can get previews within a task for any of the following popular file types:

  • PDF.
  • Doc or OpenOffice doc files.
  • Excel or OpenOffice Excel files.
  • PowerPoint or OpenOffice Powerpoint files.

Image Previews
Images are shown directly in the browser without any need for a preview system, regardless of the type of image file.

If the file belongs to a private task or conversation, only the users that can see that private element will be able to see the file in preview. If a file belongs to an external service like Dropbox or Box, preview will be displayed as it is understood that once someone shares a file in a task or a conversation, all workspace members should see it.

When sharing Google Drive and Sharepoint files in Redbooth, no public link is generated. This means that if you want all workspace members to view the document then you need to grant them access in the respective provider settings.