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Cisco Spark FAQs

Who can link Redbooth workspaces to Cisco Spark rooms?
Currently, only organization admins in Redbooth or workspace creators can link to rooms in Cisco Spark. If you are not an admin or the workspace creator, you will not see the Integrations option in the workspace settings.

Can I link my entire Redbooth organization with a room in Cisco Spark?
No, you can only link a Redbooth workspace with a Cisco Spark room.

Can I invite people to a Cisco Spark room even if they do not have a Redbooth account?
Yes, you can invite whoever you like to a room in Cisco Spark. However, all members of the room can perform actions which will be reflected in the associated Redbooth workspace.

If I invite a client to Cisco Spark, can they collaborate in the associated Redbooth workspace without actually accessing Redbooth?
Yes, the Cisco Spark integration is ideal for contracted workers and clients. They can use the bot to perform actions that are reflected in the Redbooth workspace (resolve tasks, comment on a task, etc.) without actually accessing the workspace. This is perfect if you have confidential information in the workspace that you wish to keep hidden.

Can the contracted worker or client mentioned above comment on or resolve any task in the workspace, even if it is not relevant to them?
No, unless the user knows the specific task details which need to be relayed to the bot.

Is there a limit on the number of users in a Cisco Spark room?
There is no maximum limit, but the minimum number of users needed in order to link the room to a Redbooth workspace is two.

Why don’t I see all of my Cisco Spark rooms when trying to link them in Redbooth workspaces?
Sometimes, if you have lots of rooms, they can take a moment to load in the list. Be patient and they should all appear after a short moment!

How many workspaces can I link to a room and vice versa?
You can have multiple rooms connected to a workspace, but only one workspace linked to a specific room. For example, a Redbooth workspace named Marketing has three Cisco Spark rooms linked to it – Marketing Team, Marketing Support, and Marketing General. However, these three rooms cannot be connected to other workspaces. Furthermore, all activity that happens in the Marketing workspace is reflected in those three rooms.

However, we recommend only connecting one workspace with one room to avoid confusion.

Can I connect sub-rooms or 1-to-1 chats to a Redbooth workspace?
You can connect sub-rooms to a Redbooth workspace but not 1-to-1 chats.

Where is the task in Redbooth that I created with the bot from Cisco Spark?
All newly created tasks go to the first created task list in the Redbooth workspace. We recommend that you rename the first task list (for example, Cisco Spark Tasks) and you can move the tasks to a different task list if you need to later.

What is a sub-room in Cisco Spark and how can I differentiate it?
In Cisco Spark, you can create rooms. Within each room, you can create different sub-rooms. When you enter the room you will see the list of sub-rooms. In Redbooth, when connecting the rooms and sub-rooms to the workspace, the room name will appear above the sub-rooms. The General sub-room is always created by default.

How can I join existing rooms in Cisco Spark?
You can only be invited to a room, but you can still create your own rooms and sub-rooms.

Why is the bot added to the General sub-room after I added it to a specific sub-room?
This is expected behavior as the General sub-room is a default.

Can I limit the information that is sent from the workspace to the Cisco Spark room?
Yes, in the workspace settings, under the Integrations section you can choose whether to send specific updates to the room.

How can I see the commands that I can use in the Cisco Spark room?
Just type in @Redbooth help and a list of commands will appear.

Can I add a due date to a task using the bot?
No, at the moment it isn’t possible to add a due date. You will need to add this via the Redbooth workspace.

Can I assign a task to multiple people using the bot?
No, at the moment you can only assign to one person at a time. You can add extra assignees via the Redbooth workspace.