Using Redbooth From basics to advanced, and everything in between.


With the Slack integration, you can collaborate and manage projects like never before. You can sign up through the integration’s home page, and setting up the connection to Redbooth is quick and easy. Just follow the steps below.

Connect the Slack integration
Please note that only organization admins and workspace creators can make this connection. After the connection is made, all the users in the workspaces can then use the integration by referencing the (#) hashtag.

  1.  Go to a workspace and select the settings icon.
  2.  Click the Integrations button and select Connect to Slack.
  3.  Authorize the connection in the next screen.
  4.  Now you are connected.

Slack Integration

How the Slack integration works
After you have linked your two accounts, you can monitor your Redbooth workspace activities via Slack. You can:

  • Connect a Slack room with a Redbooth workspace.
  • Get updates from your tasks in real time.
  • Keep multiple teams connected.
  • Let team members work in their environment of choice.

This is a trail message integration, so group chats in Slack are not shown in Redbooth and vice-versa. The notifications that you receive are for the creation and the resolution of tasks. Any changes or edits within the created task are not yet shown. You can also change your settings to show desktop notifications, or activate push notifications if you have the mobile app.

Available Redbooth commands:
• Add a new task – /redbooth add task Buy milk
• Resolve a task – /redbooth resolve Buy milk
• Assign a task – /redbooth assign Buy milk to Frank
• Show a specific task – /redbooth show task Prepare report
• Comment on a task – /redbooth comment on Buy milk: I already bought it
• Search tasks for keywords – /redbooth search SEO
• Show pending tasks in a task list – /redbooth what’s pending in Launch Website
• Show today’s tasks – /redbooth what’s happening today
• Show urgent tasks – /redbooth what’s urgent
• Show all tasks assigned to a user – /redbooth what’s Jane Doe doing
• Show a user’s workload – /redbooth show me the workload of Jane Doe
• Show workspace report – /redbooth show me the workload
• Send us feedback – /redbooth feedback I think Redbooth is fantastic