Product Release Notes – March 23, 2017

New: We’ve release a brand new version of our iOS app! Our new app is faster and optimized to help you get more done while you are on the go. Look forward to more updates coming soon!

Fixed: Fixed an issue with our Dashboard where it’d look strange when you had no tasks or updates.
Fixed: Fixed an issue where our desktop notifications were leading no where. They now go to the correct place in Redbooth.
Fixed: Sometimes we’d create two task lists when you only meant to create one. We fixed it so you create the one task list that you meant to create.

More Announcements

Product Release Notes – March 21, 2017

New: You can now use Redbooth FREE forever! We’re now offering a free product to help more teams get more done. New: Our dashboard has been given a makeover which allows you to toggle between updates and tasks.

Product Release Notes – March 9, 2017

New: We’ve updated the color palette for personal workspace colors. New: We’ve refreshed our My Tasks categories to help you keep more organized with when your tasks are due, adding the following new categories: Overdue, Due Tomorrow, Due This Week, Due Next Week, and Upcoming. We’ve also updated the sorting so that MyTasks now sorts by […]

Product Release Notes – March 6, 2017

Fixed: Sometimes there were tasks in your Dashboard that weren’t resolving correctly. We fixed it so that they now resolve the right way! Fixed: Comment on a task from your iOS device would sometimes cause the task to become unassigned. We found that bug and made sure that won’t happen again.

Product Release Notes – February 2, 2017

Fixed: Some edge cases exporting the Task Overview report. New: When someone edits a comment, we will show it next to the timestamp of that comment. If you hover it, you’ll see when it was edited.