More Announcements

Product Release Notes – January 19, 2017

Fixed: Edge cases exporting Task Overview reports with a large number of tasks. Fixed: There was a timezone issue where we did not render the information correctly when comments were made yesterday. We fixed it so it now shows up correctly and you know when comments were made. Fixed: When clicking on tags, we would […]

Product Release Notes – January 12, 2017

Fixed: Tasks Overview would sometimes render incorrectly when sorting and organizing the columns. We fixed the issue so that it always shows correctly now! Fixed: When importing a task list, we would sometimes show a confirmation before the task list was ready. We fixed it so it now shows correctly at the right time.

Product Release Notes – January 9, 2017

New: Export your task overview report into Excel or CSV. Fixed: The task overview report had some issues rendering the headers in Safari, that’s now fixed! Continuing enhancement of the Redbooth infrastructure to deliver a faster, more reliable online project management tool.

Product Release Notes – November 30, 2016

Fixed: Spreadsheets exported from Google Sheets and then imported into Redbooth wouldn’t work before, but now we’ve fixed them up to import straight away! Fixed: When tasks were access in different time zones, sometimes that would trip up our systems. We fixed so that distributed teams can continue to work around the clock. Continuing enhancement […]

Product Release Notes – November 23, 2016

Fixed: When created a new task, sometimes we didn’t update the workspace members fast enough. We made sure this is now lightning quick! Fixed: Sometimes Slack wouldn’t connect with our workspaces, but now we made sure that no longer happens. Slack and Redbooth in harmony together! Fixed: Our integrations with Cisco Spark and Slack would […]