Brand agency with a virtual team uses Redbooth to work faster and more efficiently

Please describe the problem or business challenge your company was trying to solve with Redbooth.
We have a small team of 15 staff and we all work remotely worldwide.

Tell us about your search for a solution.
We tried other programs such as Asana, Trello and Google Docs, but couldn't find a solution that worked well enough for us.

How did you make the decision to choose Redbooth?
We were introduced to Redbooth by our brand strategist who had used the software in his other agency and we took a trial and never looked back.

What specific results and benefits were you able to achieve with Redbooth?
We are able to quickly and efficiently assign tasks and hold conversations within the platform. We don't have to call each other or hold web conferences as much.

Do you have anything else to add? We enjoy setting up the systems in templates that are easy to duplicate for our growing client base.
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