Energy company increases efficiency and productivity with Redbooth

Please describe the problem or business challenge your company was trying to solve with Redbooth.
We wanted to improve efficiency and productivity by managing our tasks and projects in a better way. Not only did we want to simplify our internal communication, but we outsource often and needed a way to streamline external collaboration.

Tell us about your search for a solution.
We looked for a project management/collaboration tool online and found dozens of options. After six months, we decided to move forward with an official release and chose to use Redbooth because it best met our requirements for a collaborative project management tool.

How did you make the decision to choose Redbooth?
We’re able to collaborate with external users in a controlled fashion, with the use of limited permissions and actions. We can link tasks inside a project and create a Gantt chart (similar to Microsoft Project) for an easy way to check the status of a project. It’s also helpful that we can attach documents and Sharepoint links directly into a task’s comments to keep the conversation around a task all in one place.

What specific results and benefits were you able to achieve with Redbooth?
We have been able to increase our team’s efficiency and productivity using Redbooth. The reporting and monitoring functions give us an overview of our team’s tasks, projects, and keep us aware of any delays.

Do you have anything else to add?
Many other things…most importantly, it is not possible for us to return to our prior methods of working.