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Our history

Redbooth (formerly Teambox) was started as a personal project (Teambox 1). After many enhancements, Teambox 2 was made available under the Affero GPL 3 license. Teambox 3 is also available under the same license in Github. We’ve documented the install process for several platforms: Ubuntu, Heroku, etc.

Hundreds have installed our legacy versions, and hundreds of thousands have used Teambox 4.

The Redbooth Era

Shortly after passing the 650.000 users mark we launched Redbooth and renamed the company. The new version had two goals in mind: Speed and ease of use. We employed a team with twice as many developers and designers to work on it. We hired specialized sysadmins to run the systems and make sure everything works perfectly. Redbooth is built to serve millions of users, with a platform that processes tens of millions of collaboration activities. The technology stack includes nginx, HAproxy, node.js, Rails, MySQL, Redis, Resque, Cloudfront CDN, Amazon S3, Amazon EC2, Puppet, incoming email processes, Graphite, Mailgun and RefineryCMS. It also has dependencies with billing and stats systems.

Customizing Redbooth

Redbooth makes it possible to add your own Apps on both Redbooth.com and your own instances. We are working on an Apps API that will give you full access to Redbooth: frontend AND backend. The Apps API will give you access to a REST API with all resources and a JS API to create your own applications inside Redbooth. You will be able to design your own apps and allow others to install them as well. Write to us to learn more.

Redbooth On-Premise

Regulated companies often have policies prohibiting the use of cloud services. If this applies to you, learn more about Redbooth On-Premise.

Our contributions to the community

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Patches to Ruby on Rails, Prototype and jQuery.

Releasing Teambox 2 and 3 as open-source projects.

Opersys Teambox If you are looking for Opersys Teambox for file sharing and file syncing visit www.teambox.co