Github integration

You can easily integrate Redbooth with your Github repository. This will allow you to:

  • Close Redbooth tasks from a commit, with special codes.
  • Start Redbooth conversations from a commit.

How can I configure the Github integration?

  • Go to your Admin page in Github by clicking on Settings. Github integration

  • Configure a WebHook. This means Github will notify Redbooth every time there’s a new commit.

Click on “Webhooks & Services” and then on “Add webhook”. Integrate Github

  • Now create a hook pointing to the following address by entering the following into the “Payload URL”:

and then click on “Add webhook” Integrate Github

  • Substitute YOUR-PROJECT-IDENTIFIER for the value you’ll find under Project → Settings (visible only to project admins).

Integrating Github with Redbooth

For example, for the project above, the address would be

Usage for the integration

Only commit messages containing a task ID will be posted to Redbooth. A comment will be inserted with your commit notes into the right task.

You can find the task ID from the URL. Get TaskId

For each commit message you have to specify existing task id, for example when using git in shell: git commit -m “Added cukes and specs [9530611]”

… or if you also want to mark a task as resolved: git commit -m “Added cukes and specs [close-9530611]”

Commits will appear in the given task as a comments.

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